Wholesale Managed Voice & Fax

Deliver market-ready Hosted SIP Trunks, Virtual Fax and more


Wholesale Managed Voice, Managed SIP Trunks and Virtual Fax


What are wholesale Managed Services?

Providing Voice and Fax services once used to require costly network infrastructure and technical expertise. But with the Symbio Managed VoIP Services you can deploy a suite of business and Enterprise services (including SIP Trunks, SIP Endpoints, ISDN Primary Rate Replacement and Virtual Fax) with far less cost and complexity.

Managed Voice and Fax services can be sold 'as-is' to business or Enterprise making the transition to IP communications. They can also be used as an enabling service for higher margin Over-the-Top (OTT) products, especially Unified Communications tools.


Why choose Symbio Managed Voice and Fax?

Symbio Managed Services are maintained 24/7 by our expert team, on our carrier-grade IP network. That means more uptime, and less stress. So you can focus on value-adding your services or products, and let us take care of everything else.

Our wholesale managed VoIP services are tried and trusted. You'll find our SIP Trunks and SIP Endpoints at the heart of major communications deployments, including mission-critical roles in Government and Enterprise. Moreover our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be adapted to address specific industry or regulatory requirements.

Reduce IT overheads


Deliver carrier-quality IP communication services across the world. Leverage the scale of our fully interconnected network, and the efficiency of our best-in-class switching and routing capability.

Supply modern IP communication services to residential, business and Enterprise - without the expense of building and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Speed to market


Supply the Voice services that today's market demands. Deliver SIP Trunks and SIP Endpoints to your forward-looking customers, and satisfy laggards with transitional services like Virtual Fax and ISDN Replacement.

Best of  all, there's no need for over-complicated supply or service arrangements. All Symbio Managed Services can be deployed directly to your customers. 

Ongoing revenue


If your business is built on project-based income, Managed Services can enhance your balance sheet with predictable, recurring revenue from monthly billing.

You can collect recurring revenue from valued-added user billing, from subscription services like Virtual Fax, and from OTT Voice products like Microsoft Lync (we make it easy with Lync certified SIP Trunks).

Make Wholesale Managed Services part of your Voice solution

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