Monday 10 August 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio Networks, Australia's leading VoIP and managed service provider, recently announced the development of an IPDN compliance solution, further extending the value added services Symbio bring to the Australian telecommunications industry.

To ensure the accuracy and security of public information ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) recently sent a letter to all Australian VoIP service providers stating that they must comply with the regulatory obligations around population of the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND).

Symbio Networks have developed a solution to enable all service providers on the Symbio Managed VoIP Platform (MVP) with Symbio-assigned Direct-In-Dial (DID) numbers, an interface to upload their customer data to the IPND.

The Symbio IPND solution benefits service providers as they are able to quickly and easily update their customer information, improving their data accuracy and keeping customer information compliant to regulations. This solution is available NOW!


For more information about how to take advantage of this solution or to port your Australian DID's to Symbio, please contact your account manager or send an email to

Symbio Networks IPND Compliance Solution

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Tuesday 04 August 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio Networks attending AusNOG Conference 2009

Symbio Networks will be attending the AusNOG Conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney on August 31 and September 1, 2009.

The AusNOG conference provides an excellent opportunity for face to face networking with your peers in the Australian ISP community and beyond. For more information on the conference visit AusNOG


To arrange to meet up with Symbio Networks please email

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Monday 03 August 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio complete Optus Bigfoot integration into SONAR OSS and BSS platform

Symbio Networks recently completed the successful integration of the Optus Bigfoot network with their proprietary SONAR OSS and BSS platform and managed ISP network solution.

The integration allows Symbio Networks to offer whitelabel ADSL2+ services to Internet Service Providers (ISP's) on Symbio's managed platform (MVP), provided they are existing Optus Bigfoot wholesale customers. The addition of the ability to offer these services provides more ‘value-add' to the Symbio managed platform, further contributing to it being recognised as one of the leading managed converged services networks within Australia and New Zealand.

This whitelabel ISP offering is an application of Symbio's ISP network solution, entirely designed, engineered and integrated by Symbio Networks and is capable of interfacing with other wholesale aggregation networks in different markets around the world provided a well structure B2B interface is defined.

The ADSL network Symbio built includes full B2B integration from Optus to the Symbio SONAR OSS and BSS system for management of ADSL2+ and symmetric DSL services.

SONAR - a billing, operational and management software solution for telecommunications service providers is proprietary to Symbio Networks and a result of years of ongoing development by their in-house research and development team. SONAR offers a flexible environment for internet service providers to allocate maximum upload and download speeds, on and off peak data quotas and pricing schemes, giving service providers a flexible framework for their data rating services.

The Symbio ISP solution is proven, with live ADSL2+ services now being offered by Symbio's managed platform customers. These customers may take advantage of Symbio's excellence in engineering and designing the latest converged service solutions.

Symbio Networks specialises in designing, deploying and managing Next Generation Networks for the competitive telecommunications market in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, allowing service providers, carriers and operators to deliver high quality next generation services to their customers. Symbio has three main areas to their business operation: Managed Services, Systems Engineering and Software Development. Symbio is dedicated in ensuring their solutions remain at the leading edge of the telecommunications industry.

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Tuesday 28 July 2009 @ 00:00

Case Summary (Dialogic)


By focusing on excellent voice quality, engineering expertise, and service development, Symbio Networks has become the leading provider of wholesale VoIP and managed VoIP network services in Australia and New Zealand. To make VoIP a success, Symbio required gateway functionality, but more importantly, it needed to process calls from customer networks with a wide variety of codecs and packet sizes.



Since 2006, Symbio has been using the Dialogic® IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway to handle legacy network interconnects as well as codec mismatches while delivering high voice quality.


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Monday 20 July 2009 @ 00:00


Wholesale VoIP and IP solutions provider, Symbio Networks has appointed Neville Brien as its new Operations Manager. Prior to joining the company Neville held senior positions at Telstra and NSW State Government, bringing over 20 years experience in the Australian telecommunications industry.


Neville has been involved in the introduction of new technologies such as CMTS, ISDN, SDH and BigPond internet. He has designed and developed a number of Operations and Maintenance tools for customer and network management systems.  "I was attracted to working at Symbio because it is a company at the leading edge of VoIP technology and has a reputation for being innovative and creative in the development of new products and services" said Mr. Brien


He joins Symbio Networks during a period of expansion as the company is looking to grow the Managed VoIP Platform (MVP) side of the business both domestically and regionally. The Symbio Networks MVP is fully managed carrier-grade converged service network for carriers and service providers and is built on proven Symbio technology. It reliably carries millions of minutes of voice traffic per day.


Neville's industry experience and technical knowledge will ensure Symbio continues to deliver VoIP and IP converged solutions that remain at the leading edge of the market.  


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Friday 08 May 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio Networks Pty Ltd has further extended their IP footprint within Australia by establishing a dedicated East-West IP link between Sydney and Perth and has commenced peering at the Western Australian Internet Exchange (WAIX).

Sybmio extends IP footprint into Perth, solidifying Sybmios as Australia's leading wholesale VoIP provider

Symbio's peering link at WAIX allows internet service providers who peer at WAIX to receive high quality transit to our  network infrastructure and MVP. The benefit to Symbio's customers who peer at WAIX is greater quality and reliability back to their core network in Sydney. Symbio is recognised for their ability to continually refine and develop their services. The new link in Perth solidifies Symbio's dedication in being Australia's leading provider of VoIP and wholesale VoIP services.


Symbio's Manager for Wholesale and Business Development, Alastair Slattery commented on the new link "With our new East-West IP link, we're able to provide an on-net IP footprint that spans from Auckland all the way through to Perth, including peering links at Sky Tower, Equinix, PIPE and now WAIX. Our Managed Service customers have never had better IP access to their end-users. Our network is already recognised for its superb voice quality, and this should further improve the user-experience".


Symbio's team of engineers were able to arrange, prepare and implement the new link with a fast-turnaround ensuring a seamless cut-over.


Peering at WAIX allows Symbio on-net access to Service Providers peering at WAIX, allowing Symbio to better serve the  WA market and giving service providers, operators and carriers the opportunity to leverage our quality networks.


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Thursday 26 March 2009 @ 00:00

NZ POP Upgrade - Wholesale VoIPSymbio Networks Pty Ltd recently completed an extensive upgrade of its New Zealand Point of Presence (POP) as it        aims to become the dominant player in the wholesale VoIP market across Australia and New Zealand.


Symbio's Auckland POP underwent an infrastructure upgrade as well as improving connectivity into New Zealand and across the Tasman. As part of the upgrade process, Symbio became a peer at the Auckland Peering Exchange (APE) at Sky Tower. This peering  link at Sky Tower allows New Zealand service providers, operators and carriers to exchange IP traffic with Symbio Networks directly.


Symbio's Manager for Wholesale, Alastair Slattery commented on the upgrade "Our New Zealand operation has enjoyed steady growth over the last couple of years and we see great potential for further growth in the New Zealand wholesale VoIP market. This upgrade increases our reach into New Zealand and will allow us to better serve domestic NZ operators. Our networks have a reputation for quality, reliability and scalability, and following heavy recent investment in infrastructure, we now have a fully NGN core across the Tasman. Operators may now meet us in Australia or New Zealand to take advantage of our superior network quality and next-generation VoIP and IP services".


The upgrade was meticulously planned and staged by a team of Symbio's engineers, and no disruption to their New Zealand operations was incurred.


Parallel to the POP upgrade Symbio connected their own dedicated layer 2 trans-tasman link over the Southern Cross Cable between Sydney and Auckland to solidify the quality of service between their Australian and New Zealand Networks. This link, along with the connection to APE at Sky Tower will allow for the sharing of IP networks through the Symbio Networks IP footprint across Australia and New Zealand.


"With our trans-Tasman link in place and connection into APE we've solidified our network footprint. We're aiming to meet operators and service providers at as many peering exchange points as possible. Those operators who meet us at Sky Tower are now only a few milliseconds away from our expansive Australian network and vice-versa" said Alastair Slattery.


"Our immediate aim is to become the largest trans-Tasman SIP aggregator. We have the network and know-how from years of experience in building and managing these networks to achieve this - we know VoIP and the wholesale VoIP market better than anyone. Our customers enjoy the benefits of the quality and size of our network and will continue to do so as we expand into Asia".



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Thursday 12 March 2009 @ 00:00

From Exchange Daily:

Stuart Corner

12 March 2009

Wholesale VoIP and IP service provider, Symbio Networks is aiming to be the largest aggregator of SIP traffic in Australia and a major player in the Asia Pacific region.


Symbio provides wholesale VoIP services to a number of retail providers, the most high profile of which is the related company MyNetFone. Alastair Slattery, Symbio's wholesale manager told ExchangeDaily that the company's goal was to become the largest aggregator of SIP traffic in Australia and a major regional player.


As a SIP aggregator Symbio takes VoIP calls as IP traffic from VoIP service providers and delivers these into the PSTN in Australia and to overseas destinations and is also responsible for delivering calls from the PSTN into its VoIP service provider customers' IP networks.


Slattery said "The number of minutes we are terminating into Australia and overseas is now very significant." He told ExchangeDaily that traffic volumes on the Symbio network were growing by about 15 percent per month. "We believe we have the best quality network in Australia and we are trying to get a great envelope of traffic to maximise the use of our resources."


He said the company was planning to open a PoP in Asia by mid 2009 and was "looking at a couple of destinations." He added: "That will give us access to larger and more strategic customers...our goal is to have fewer strategic customers but to delver higher value to those customers."


Symbio's wholesale calling card platform

Symbio Networks' latest ploy to build traffic on its network is to launch a wholesale platform for prepaid calling cards.


It enables a calling card provider to focus on the sale and marketing of calling cards without needing any backend network infrastructure or card management systems. Slattery told ExchangeDaily that the company had made substantial capital investments to expand and upgrade the network infrastructure and back office systems to support the service.


He claimed that the platform was capable of delivering "a whole new generation of user-friendly features, operational and billing functionalities as well as different level of performance reporting."


"We provide all the [call] collection and termination, and while we are very competitive on termination rates, what we really provide is more feature and flexibility. We have software that supports multilingual IVR, in Cantonese, Mandarin and a couple of other languages...A lot of the calling card traffic is to South East Asia, China and India."


Slattery added that Symbio had built and operated calling card platforms for customers for a long time now and knew the market very well. "We have a proprietary billing system and we have developed a lot of features for those customers." He said that Symbio had so far signed up one customer for its wholesale service.


To view the full edition of ExchangeDaily in which this article was published please visit, and register now.

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Tuesday 10 March 2009 @ 00:00

Communications Day

10 March 2009


Symbio Networks has launched its wholesale platform for prepaid calling cards. The new platform is a result of substantial capital investments to expand and upgrade its network infrastructure and back office systems.


Symbio Networks' calling card platform allows calling card operators to outsource network infrastructure and back office systems to a third party provider. It also aims to deliver improved features, operational and billing functionalities, and a different level of performance reporting.


Symbio Networks wholesale manager Alastair Slattery said, "We can provide a one-stop service as our customers can get everything they need in order to sell their calling cards from us. They don't need to worry about coordination with different suppliers or any compatibility issues. On the other hand, we can provide individual specific parts to suit the customers' needs if this is what they are after. The customers have total flexibility and control how they want Symbio networks to add value to their calling card business."


Full PDF version can be found here

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Monday 09 March 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio Networks Pty Ltd, Australia's new generation wholesale VoIP and IP service provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its wholesale platform for prepaid calling cards. The newly enhanced platform has been developed to target calling card operators who prefer to focus on the sale and marketing of calling cards, and outsource network infrastructure and back office systems to a reliable and competent third party provider, like Symbio Networks.


Already operating an industry leading wholesale voice platform and with many years experience in the operation of wholesale calling card platforms & services, the implementation of Symbio Networks' new wholesale calling card platform comes as a result of substantial capital investments to expand and upgrade the network infrastructure and back office systems. In addition to providing improved quality and reliability, the upgraded platform is now capable of delivering a whole new generation of user-friendly features, operational and billing functionalities as well as different level of performance reporting.


"Our wholesale VoIP network is widely acknowledged within the industry as one of the best in terms of our route flexibility, quality & reliability. As a result of our recent investments, the benefits for calling card providers are not just about enhanced features & quality, which are of course important, but of the ease of service set-up and operational efficiency that enable our customers to have fast time to market - all of which will enable to them to compete effectively in this highly competitive market" said Mr Alastair Slattery, Wholesale Manager of Symbio Networks.


"We can provide a one-stop service as our customers can get everything they need in order to sell their calling cards from us. They don't need to worry about co-ordination with different suppliers or any compatibility issues. On the other hand, we can provide individual specific parts to suit the customers' needs if this is what they are after. The customers have total flexibility and control how they want Symbio Networks to add value to their calling card business," said Alastair Slattery. 


Despite increased competition and falling call rates, the international prepaid calling card market in Australia has continued to enjoy solid growth due to the large ex-pat community as well as the continuing growth of commerce and trade between Australia and overseas countries, especially with India and China. The current economic conditions further add fuel to the growth of the calling card market as consumers tighten their belts to stretch their dollars further. 


Full PDF version may be found here

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