Pre-Select Now Available Thursday 27 February 2014 @ 14:19

The much-anticipated preselect feature for national calls is now available from Symbio Networks.

Pre-Select is a wholesale service for Symbio customers who have a complete switchless solution, as well as those who have their own switching capability.

Carrier Preselect Service on the Symbio Wholesale VoIP Network

Pre-Select offers a more streamlined and elegant solution to maximise the use of your service for defined call types. Customers on a standard PSTN phone line can choose to have their national, mobile or international traffic routed via the Symbio network to achieve call cost savings without needing to enter a special code or special equipment.


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Another Strong Half Year From MyNetFone Group Thursday 20 February 2014 @ 11:17

Symbio parent company MyNetFone Group has repeated high performance, with the results for the 6 months ended 31st December 2013 showing EBITDA up 85% and NPAT up 58%.

MyNetFone Group Revenue Forecast FY14

The company's strong performance compared to the previous corresponding half included:

- First-half revenue of $28.5 million - up 55%
- First-half EBITDA of $3.7 million - up 85%
- First-half NPAT of $2.4 million - up 58%
- Strong balance sheet with no bank debt and a positive cash balance of $3.7 million after payment of the final instalment for Symbio Networks.

The comparative increases in revenue and profit include contributions from the successful integration of the GoTalk Wholesale, Connexus and CallStream business.

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Symbio at The 2014 PTC Wednesday 08 January 2014 @ 13:15

The Pacific Telecommunication Council's (PTC) is coming up in January 2014 and is a great opportunity to meet the Symbio team. 

The annual conference is the Asia-Pacific's premier telecommunications event. Now in its 36th year, the annual conference is a strategic springboard for the global telecommunications industry.

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PennyTel Acquisition Monday 16 December 2013 @ 13:16

Australian VoIP service providers PennyTel and iVoisys entered into provisional liquidation on the 17th October 2013, jeopardising the continued supply of services to their customers.

MyNetFone Group Acquisition of PennyTel & iVoisys

MyNetFone Group Steps In

MyNetFone Group stepped in & reached agreement with the court appointed provisional liquidator and PennyTel and iVoisys's key suppliers to ensure continuity of service to PennyTel and iVoisys's Mobile, VoIP, Broadband and Business customers.

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Managed SIP Trunking Service Wednesday 11 December 2013 @ 13:13

SIP Trunking allows you to increase your addressable market by targeting the business and enterprise space.


Symbio new service: Managed SIP Trunking for Wholesale

With increasing numbers of businesses upgrading to IP PBXs and focusing on making the most of this investment, demand for SIP Trunking is reaching new heights.

Most certified SIP Trunking service

Symbio has the most certified SIP Trunking network in Australia, which has been tested & approved for interoperability with the majority of trusted PBX brands including Microsoft Lync as part of the MyNetFone Group. The service can be directly connected to a large number of approved IP PBXs and can even connect to traditional PBX via a gateway.

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Network Embargo - New Year Tuesday 03 December 2013 @ 11:10

With the festive season is just around the corner, we are rapidly approaching the time when most of the telecommunications industry imposes an "embargo" on many aspects of network activity. The Symbio team would like to let you know about our support arrangements over this period.

Symbio Networks embargo

The Symbio embargo period will begin effective 13th December 2013, and will conclude on 13th January 2014.

 During this time, there will be a reduction in will be a reduction in operational resources and all major works will be delayed or re-scheduled until after the Embargo period in order to reduce the risk of outages affecting customers.

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Multi Level Porting the Next Step In LNP Tuesday 06 August 2013 @ 14:00

While the future of phone numbers is being evaluated in the regulatory circles, Symbio has made further strides to simplify number porting in the current conditions.


Multi-level number porting available with Symbio Networks Wholesale Carriage and Managed Voice Services

More porting processes are now available for customers that want the full B2B experience, with the introduction of multi-level porting, and Porting API trial.

The multi-level porting solution is ideal if you want to reduce processing bottle-necks and allow your sub-wholesalers to self-sufficiently port numbers, while you retain full visibility and management control. This will reduce the resource burden and costs for you, with less paperwork being processed by your own team.

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Symbio 4th Largest Number Porter in Australia Thursday 01 August 2013 @ 13:00

Our analysis of porting transactions in the industry shows that Symbio is now the 4th largest ‘gainer' of ported numbers out of all the Australian carriers historically.

Having ported over 280,000 DIDs to its cloud network, Symbio now averages a run rate of 20,000 to 30,000 DIDs ported in every month. These figures are for ported numbers only, and do not include conditioned or assigned numbers.

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Phone Numbers in the Cloud Age Monday 06 May 2013 @ 14:22


'Cloud' is far from a new buzz word if telecommunications, but recently it has been gaining more prominence and increasingly filtering into mainstream terminology. 

 Symbio Networks presentation at CommsDay Sydney 2013

Discussion about the Cloud tends to be very conceptual and high level, but what real implications does the Cloud have for communication providers, users and their phone numbers?

In a recent presentation at CommsDay Sydney Summit, this question was addressed by Rene Sugo, CEO of the MyNetFone Group (parent company of Symbio Networks) during the 'Data Centres & the Cloud' session.  

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MyNetFone Group Present at the CommsDay Sydney Summit Friday 01 March 2013 @ 11:25

The CommsDay Sydney Summit, held on 9-10th April 2013, is the event where Australia's telecom leaders meet.

This year Rene Sugo, CEO of Symbio Networks and the MyNetFone Group will be delivering a presentation at the 'Data Centres & the Cloud' session. 

Discussion about Cloud communications tends to be very conceptual. Rene's presentation will pull the ‘Cloud' out of the sky and bring discussion to a real usage level.

Hosted Voice - the overlooked Cloud

The focus will be on one largely overlooked aspect of Cloud, which is hosted voice. What do developments like 4G, data-centre hosted OTT services and the disassociation of numbers and services mean for the average consumer's use of the Cloud for voice communications? And what implications does this have for providers and wholesalers?


Symbio presenting at CommsDay Sydney Summit 2013

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