Symbio Boosts National Reach with NEXTDC Thursday 18 August 2016 @ 15:44

Symbio Networks has extended the access to our Sydney services with the launch of a new point of presence. The new PoP is located at NEXTDC’s S1 datacentre and will give Sydney-based customers a fast, secure, direct connection to Symbio services. Symbio currently supports over 200 service providers with direct access to all major Australian telco carriers.

“We’ve built a reputation for making communications faster, simpler and smarter. NEXTDC’s national footprint gives us coverage diversity into the future and provides flexibility in how customers can connect to us,” said Symbio’s CCO, Jon Cleaver.

“The option of direct cross-connect via NEXTDC is an inexpensive way to do business with us while maintaining the reliability and quality we are known for.”


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Symbio Leading the Pack Thursday 28 July 2016 @ 12:00

We hear the term ‘market disruption’ a lot these days. It’s a phrase synonymous with fast-growing companies like Uber, Airbnb and Netflix. One thing these companies have in common is an over-the-top (OTT) business model: leveraging existing networks to provide a superior service – at less cost.

Behind every OTT disruptor there is an enabler. And, for the Australian voice industry, Symbio is the new generation carrier of choice. For more than a decade, Symbio’s Software Defined Network (SDN) has underpinned innovative voice services – such as Unified Communication (UC) platforms, IP PBXs, voice apps and OTT providers.

Now the big, traditional incumbents have started to take notice. With the threat of SDNs enabling a plethora of new apps and OTT competitors, they are finally beginning to shift current services to an SDN model. But Symbio leads the pack.

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Creating a New SIP Trunk with Symbio: Customer Testimonial Thursday 28 April 2016 @ 17:21

It takes just minutes to create SIP Trunk services for your clients with Symbio’s automated & user-friendly iBoss wholesale platform.
Don’t take our word for it – long-time iBoss user Kangaroo Tech, a Melbourne-based telco and IT specialist, has been able to deliver SIP Trunk services to its customers faster than the competition.

“A new SIP Trunk or End Point for our customers can be provisioned in less than 5 minutes allowing us to close opportunities quicker than other local providers,” said Kangaroo Tech’s founder, Luke Comande.

“Our partnership with iBoss has helped us provision Layer 3 and VoIP services including SIP Trunks, End points and DIDs by the easy-to-use ASPIRE portal and competitive pricing.”

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Symbio's New Zealand Expansion Thursday 28 April 2016 @ 17:18

We’re expanding our New Zealand operation with the rollout of a new nationwide Symbio IP voice network. Already an industry leader in Australia, Symbio will now invest in building its New Zealand network, providing wholesale voice capabilities to service providers and over-the-top application players.

According to CCO of parent company MNF Group, Jon Cleaver, Symbio will service a gap in the New Zealand market that’s been neglected by industry leaders.

“We’re finding that the big telcos are focused on their own growth, and few are developing the capabilities at wholesale level to support the wave of OTT players that are entering the marketing and shaping the future of the industry,” said Jon Cleaver.

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Advocate for Wholesale Customers Thursday 28 April 2016 @ 17:05

Symbio Networks CEO, Rene Sugo, has called for major changes to the NBN business model warning the current structure disadvantages small and medium sized-players and could damage the broader industry as a whole.

Speaking at the CommsDay Summit in Sydney, Sugo was critical of the decisions being made that do not consider all levels of the telecommunications industry.

“It’s not yet too late to save the small and mid-tier of the telco industry, and indeed save the NBN itself. The NBN must be removed from its dependency on CVC revenues.”

Bandwidth demand is being driven by the growth in streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, Stan, Foxtel on demand, even the Optus rights for the English Premier League, and the increasing quality of video from SD to HD, to Ultra HD.

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Continued Growth Trajectory for MNF Group Thursday 03 March 2016 @ 11:47

Symbio’s parent MNF Group has delivered another half year of strong growth, with revenue up 177% to $84 million for H1 FY16.

The success is attributed to a combination of strong organic growth among MNF Group’s companies, and contribution from the TNZI global wholesale network, acquired in April 2015.

The company now plans to invest in increasing the capacity and presence of its global voice network, and exporting home-grown Symbio innovations to the world via TNZI.

Global Expansion
MNF Group

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iBoss Fast-Tracks Mobile Service for Disadvantaged Australians Thursday 03 March 2016 @ 11:37

Symbio Network’s iBoss platform has helped fast-track a new mobile service to market. Better Life Mobile provides disadvantaged and low income Australians with affordable mobile phone plans.

iBoss delivered an order and service management platform which was integrated with Better Life Mobile’s billing platform and mobile network operator. The collaboration allowed the new service to be accelerated to market and available to those in need.

Market Diversity

With the entry of supermarket mobile contenders and specialised start-ups, like Better Life Mobile, the Australian market is becoming more diverse, creating opportunities for organisations from non-telco backgrounds. 

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Wholesale Market and Opportunity in New Zealand Tuesday 01 March 2016 @ 14:47

A competitive wholesale market is key to a thriving telco sector, according to Jon Cleaver, CCO of MNF Group.

He shared some insights this morning at the Telecommunications & Broadband Summit.

The event will continue tomorrow at the rendezvous hotel, Auckland NZ.

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Gold Sponsor at New Zealand Telco Summit Thursday 25 February 2016 @ 17:51

Symbio Networks is proud to be the Gold sponsor of the Telecommunications and Broadband Summit, on 1-2 March, 2016. The inaugural two-day event will be held at the rendezvous hotel in Auckland with an impressive list of speakers from both carriers and government.

CCO of Symbio parent MNF Group, Jon Cleaver, is speaking at the event and will be discussing why a truly competitive wholesale market is key to a thriving telco industry.

Symbio Networks will have a stand at the event so don’t forget to stop by for a chat with the team if you’re attending.

Find out more about the Telecommunications & Broadband Summit.

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Symbio Backs ACCC in Telstra Battle Tuesday 16 February 2016 @ 14:23


Australian Telcos have united to back the ACCC in their court battle against industry giant Telstra. Symbio Networks, along with four other providers, are supporting the ACCC in hopes of promoting fair competition for the industry.

The ACCC found that Telstra was overcharging its wholesale partners and decided to reduce fixed line rates by 9.4%. Telstra had initially requested a 7.2 percent hike in charges to compensate for the loss of business to the NBN. Upon review the consumer watchdog found that not only was the increase unfounded, but the current pricing was too high.

The ACCC argued that Telstra is being adequately compensated for any loss of business with the $11.2 billion agreement it signed with the government for its copper and fibre optic networks. 

Symbio backs the ACCC

Chairman of the ACCC Rod Sims dropped the fees to protect consumers from “absurd pricing” and believes end-users of the fixed line service should not be held responsible for increased costs.

Symbio joins fellow Telcos Macquarie Telecom, Telcoinabox, TPG and Optus who have all thrown support behind the ACCC.
The price reduction was implemented on 1 November 2015 and will remain until 30 June 2019 if Telstra’s appeal is unsuccessful.

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